Strc Spa

Permanent Makeup

Permanent Makeup

Permanent Cosmetic Eyebrows
Full Lip Liner
Full Lip Coloring
State-of-the-art Areola
Nipple Correction
Sun Damage Correction
Tattoo Removal
Laser Burned Skin Treatment
Deep Skin Cleansing & Resurfacing
Permanent cosmetic make up Correction

Our Secrets

If you have not had work done by Strc Spa, please refer to the numerous clients on our Success Stories page who have received treatments. You will recieve a first class experience with stunning results. As stated, this is your face! There is no room for compromise. Go with Strcmedispa, the microblading experts.

Our Clients

Because of our emphasis on confidentiality and compliance with the strict rules of HIPAA, Strc Spa is nominated as the leading specialist by celebrity clients.