Nano Skin Rejuvenation

What is nano needling?

Nano needling is a non-invasive skin treatment that heralds a multitude of benefits - improved tone and texture, reduced appearance of enlarged pores, improvement to fine lines and reduced pigmentation. Nano needling cartridges are silicone tipped and are gentler on the skin. This is because nano needling only penetrates the skin to a 0.25mm depth and is designed to exfoliate the skin and stimulate cell turnover, rather than to penetrate deep into the dermis as microneedling does. When the silicone tipped pins gently touch the skin, they create thousands of nano channels, which allow your skincare products to penetrate deeper and have a greater effect on the skin. Within 15 minutes after nano needling, the nano channels close themselves. Nano needling is gentle and safe, but very effective. Nano needling pen create microchannels in the skin. This then triggers the skin’s natural healing process - the skin produces more collagen and elastin to ‘heal’ the micro injuries, which results in improved skin health and a reduction to the visible signs of ageing.

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