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Mel-Co® Handcrafted from nature

MeL-Co® prepares custom extracts and extract blends in glycerin, propylene glycol, butylene glycol, alcohol, and water from a wide range of algae, flowers, fruits, herbs, mushrooms, seaweeds, seeds, and sprouts. Our low minimum order quantities, short lead times, worldwide sourcing and reasonable pricing make our extracts an attractive alternative to the competition.

We have in-house seed sprouting and growing facilities as well as drip irrigated land in the California desert on which we grow not only some of our own raw materials, but also have plots reserved to grow specialty plants for our customers. In short, if we can legally grow it, source it, or sprout it from seeds, then we can make you an extract.

Whether your project requires 4 Kg, 18Kg, 200 Kg, or 4,000 Kg of Extract, we have you covered. Contact us and see if we can produce an extract for you.

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