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Mel-Co® Handcrafted from nature

Infused Water is the MeL-Co® trade name for hydrolats. Hydrolats, also known as floral waters, herbal distillates, herbal waters, hydrosols, or essential waters, are manufactured by steam distillation of bark, flowers, fruits, leaves, roots, or seeds of natural plant material.

What exactly are Infused Waters (hydrolats)? Very simply, they are the natural waters that are collected when plants are distilled to extract their essential oils. For example, to extract tea tree essential oil, steam is passed through the tea tree leaves and stems. The heated steam and gentle pressure release volatile components from the plant into the steam. The steamy vapor then flows through a condenser which cools it down and turns it back into a liquid form yielding a layer of tea tree essential oil floating on top of a layer of tea tree Infused Water.

Traditionally hydrolats are the byproduct of essential oil distillation and are of low quality compared to hydrolats prepared by artisan distillers. The MeL-Co® Distillery is dedicated to production of 100% pure Infused Waters. Slow distillation over many hours ensures that all the volatile essential components are extracted from the plant material.

You can use Infused Waters as cleansers, toners and moisturizers, to make face, eye and hair masks, to balance out oily skin, and as carriers for skincare products in place of using just water. Depending on the usage level, they may impart a faint aroma to your products, but nothing like adding an essential oil.

Many natural botanicals do not release essential oils when steam distilled, for example witch hazel. This does not mean that an Infused Water cannot be produced. We produce many Infused Waters from natural plant materials that do not release an essential oil. Simply put, if we can legally grow, collect, or purchase the plant material, then we can prepare an Infused Water.

Whether your project requires 18Kg, 200 Kg, or 4,000 Kg of Infused Water, we have you covered. Contact us and see if we can produce an Infused Water for you.

If you would like to combine the benefits of essential oils and Infused Waters, then ask us about our HydroPrime™ Products.

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