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Mineral Ferment


Quality, Innovation, and Regulatory

The MeL-Co® approach to solving challenges is rooted in our technical and scientific expertise.

MeL-Co® is comprised of solvers. At the heart of this attribute is a team of scientists creating science-based solutions for challenges with the following in their toolbox:

-In house microbiological testing

-Gas chromatograph with a mass spectrometer detector (GC/MS)

-High performance liquid chromatograph (HPLC) with a diode array detector

-Ultraviolet/visible spectrophotometer (UV/Vis)

-Many other standard laboratory analytical instruments

Since our founding in 1990, MeL-Co® has pioneered the development and application of science to create solutions for the personal care industry. Our scientists have always provided the knowledge and ingenuity to create new solutions and make existing solutions work better.

Guiding Principles

As part of our commitment to the MeL-Co® core values of product quality, product safety, and product integrity, we apply the following set of guiding principles to our innovation and development efforts, as well as to our commercial endeavors. At MeL-Co®, we believe the agriculture community can be cultivated in a sustainable and innovative way to generate market-driven solutions to solve some of the industry challenges.


Consumer products are some of the most carefully scrutinized by global government officials, going through years of testing and multiple rounds of regulatory review around the world before product developers approve their commercialization. MeL-Co® believes that a consistent, science-based, risk-bound, safety assessment, and regulatory review is the most appropriate and effective means to protect the consumer.

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