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François Gay
Koodel Co. CEO & Founder

At an early age, François Gay discovered his passion for Bodybuilding and, as a 19-year old, he decided to pursue the dream of becoming the world's best amateur bodybuilder. He stands out for his commitment to staying drug free in a sport dominated by performance enhancing substances. After winning the Swiss National title 5 times and being declared runner-up at the 1986 IFBB Mr Universe contest in Tokyo, his competitive career culminated in his victory at the Natural Mr Universe in 1992. François's success is due to his clear vision of what he strives to achieve, total dedication to his goal, and an unbeatable belief in his ability to succeed, no matter what the circumstances. To promote Natural Bodybuilding in his home country, François founded the Swiss Natural Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation (SNBF) in 1997, the first European bodybuilding federation affiliated with the World Natural Bodybuilding Federation (WNBF).

Valeria M. Batross
Director of Lifestyle and Wellness

Originally from Peru, Valeria started her fitness career at the age of 18; she feels fortunate to have found her true passion and life calling at such young age. Valeria is an accomplished Fitness and Wellness professional with over 27 years of leadership expertise in the Private Country Clubs and Luxury Communities. She has an exceptional background in program development, implementation, branding, operations with expertise that includes superior services, productivity, master leadership and successful driven skills. Her vast knowledge in human movement and Sports Performance makes her a pioneer in the field. She is defining a new era of Wellness and Lifestyle by curating and delivering programs that enhance the overall wellbeing of each individual; Being part of The Koodel Co. to support her husband’s dream was a dream in itself, as they both believe that everything we do and eat affects our overall wellbeing, She is thrilled to bring healthy snacks to everyone who wants to embark on a healthy journey without compromising taste.
She is currently the Lifestyle and Wellness Director at The Lakes Country Club and is supporting other clubs in the Valley by sharing best practices and serving as benchmark for top performance Elite Hospitality and 5-Star service.
She is also the proud recipient of the 2019 Desert Health Wellness Award. Valeria is an advocate for Health and Wellness across the Coachella Valley and is committed to continue her life’s calling and passion.

Our vision

The Koodel Company’s vision is to create a culture of fitness and wellness throughout the Coachella Valley and eventually nationwide. At the Koodel Co., we believe that health is our greatest wealth. Next to being physically active, following a healthy diet is a decisive factor to staying healthy in body and mind. Every Koodel Co. product fulfills the highest nutritional standards and is designed to promote health and vitality.

As a former competitive athlete, I know the importance of nutrition. For more than three decades, I made sure to feed my body with the best foods so I could perform at my peak every workout. It is with the exact same scrutiny and approach that we create the Koodel Company snacks. Each Koodel is handcrafted in our home kitchen under strict guidelines and using only natural ingredients to guarantee freshness, great nutritional value and amazing taste. From now on, you can indulge in a delicious guilt-free snack while staying on track.

François Gay


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